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Getting a tan for summer keeps you looking at your best and like you have a more exotic life than you actually do. Yet, getting a tan the traditional way can come at a cost, if you end up spending more time in the sun than is healthy for your skin. Our tanning serum is designed to gift your skin that fresh holiday look, without damaging it in the process. 

An estimated 90% of skin ageing is due to sunlight exposure. UV rays in sunlight are a form of free radicals that can damage the layers of your skin. That’s why finding alternative methods of getting a tan this year are in your skin’s best interests. With our tanning serum, you will get a natural looking tan with just one pump of the bottle a day until you reach your desired colour then maintain when needed. We advise using 3 to 5 days a week, remembering to exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week!

We’ve tailored the serum’s natural ingredients to help protect you from those damaging UV rays. The vitamin C component is an antioxidant that offers some protection to your skin. It helps prevent the nasty things out there harming your skin, which speed up the skin’s ageing process. Vitamin C can also play a role in maintaining a healthy looking skin tone and impede melanin production, which is important when it comes to sunlight exposure.

Having a good looking tan is only half the battle, however. Keeping your canvas of skin as healthy as possible will make all the difference when you’re cultivating your look for the summer. That’s why we’ve designed our tanning serum to help moisturise, smooth and rejuvenate your skin. The inclusion of coconut oil targets those blocked pores and the vitamin B helps out your skin’s natural oils prevent dryness. Meanwhile, the hyaluronic acid gives the skin a hydration boost, which can assist with easing the effects of time.

Gallants gradual tan has natural ingredients helping you keep your skin hydrated, whilst also containing active anti-ageing ingredients keeping you look young. The major plus is it will give you that tanned look and get you ready for summer!